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What is a PFD Warrior?

 PFD stands for "Personal Flotation Device" used for water safety, and a "Warrior" is a person engaged in conflict, yet is able to overcome those obstacles with discipline and training to become stronger. Therefore, a PFD Warrior is one who utilizes their knowledge of swift water rescue to overcome water-related challenges to best serve their community.  

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Stemming from a desire to provide advanced water rescue training at the highest level, our cadre is comprised of current and former military, police, and fire-rescue personnel. Numerous years of hard-earned experience in the field enable our personnel to provide realistic training for those interested in advancing their tactical skills, while also challenging themselves personally. PFD Warrior strives to continually bring industry standard best practices to those who serve on the front line.


We are based out of Northern Virginia, utilizing training sites providing moving water from the Shenandoah to Potomac River, and many places in between. However, we are willing to travel both in and out of state to best meet the needs of your agency. If a department is interested in hosting a class in your own area, please contact us to arrange a consultation.  

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    PFD Warriors In Action    

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